Enterprise Social Networks

EP4 is specialized in the development and implementation of corporate social networks and collaborative intranets.

It has been shown that increased collaboration through a corporate social network increases the efficiency of the organization and strengthens the sense of belonging of its employees, especially when they are scattered across the globe.

Examples of social networks

  • Collaborative intranet for public and para-public organizations
  • Exchange platform between a business and its customers
  • Implementation of thematic and geographic communities


  1. Promotes the sharing of information
  2. Strengthens the sense of belonging of employees
  3. Increases productivity with improved team collaboration

Typical features

Discussion Forums

Often the central hub of an enterprise social network, discussion forums are the best way to start discussions and ask questions to colleagues.

Work groups

Whether they are public, private, or secret, work groups provide team members with a dedicated space where they can discuss and share information.

Activity feed

Like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, the activity feed allows members to monitor in real-time what is happening in their organization.

User profile

Each member of your social network has a personal profile on which can be found all of his information and activity.

Private messaging

A private messaging system can be integrated into your enterprise social network.


An advanced and efficient notification system notifies users in real-time about anything relevant to them.


Members can contact their colleagues publicly by stating their @name.


The implementation of a Wiki will reduce paperwork and scattered information by centralizing your online documentation and allowing your employees to update it by themselves.

What makes our projects successful

  1. Open-source foundations (LEMP)
  1. Within budget and on schedule
  1. Transparent development process

Plateforme de Collaboration Gouvernementale

Plateforme de Collaboration Gouvernementale


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